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Who You'll Meet

Andrea Gagas

*Owner of The Energy Lounge and 

  Creator of My  Commitment Ring and Jewelry Line

*Karuna and Usui Reiki Master Teacher

*16 Years of Sales ~ Residential Real Estate,   Associate Broker

*Graduated with Applied Associates Degree   In Humanities

*Past member of Toastmasters

*Graduate of Jack Canfield's Coaching Program

*Past Board Member of Baldwinsville Volunteer                                                             Center and Fundraising Chair

                                                 *Avid lover of horses, dogs and all living things

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I been a customer at the Energy Lounge for over a year. There are so many wonderful things to say about my experiences there since the very first day. My first Reiki session was life changing!! With Andrea Gagas, you don't get a Reiki session and you're out the door. My experience is that of a very loving, genuine person who is dedicated to everyone who walks through her door. All are treated with respect and warmth. It is a loving family type atmosphere with many opportunities for individual growth and well being. I am truly blessed to have walked through the door and experienced something that has changed my life for the better. I am very honored and grateful to have gotten to learn and grow so much with the dedication and assistance of one of the best teachers/people I know!! Best wishes in 2015 and many more years to come!! Andrea, love you !!   Lisa E

I started going to The Energy Lounge about 4 months ago I have had readings and Reiki from other people but Andrea has been the best she truly has a purity about her and loving soul that you feel you have known her forever. She read my cards and hit everything spot on she truly is the real deal... After my Reiki session about a week later I felt like a great weight had been lifted from me..  Tammy

The Energy Lounge. What can I say besides it's a wonderful place. As an RN my job daily is to communicate with those in need. Supporting all clients with compassion, patience, understanding and a caring mindset. If anyone were to ever possess the embodiment of a nurse Andrea Gagas would in fact represent that. Andrea is such a caring, loving, compassionate soul; dedicated not only to helping spread positive energy, but to anyone who walks through her doors with a goal and dream. As soon as you walk into the energy lounge you feel and sense the positive like force surrounding you with love and comfort. Laid back, friendly, laissez-faire these are only words to describe how lovely not only the Energy lounge is, but the beautiful people who accompany it. So very blessed to have found and joined the ranks of The Energy Lounge family. If you're looking for a positive atmosphere and genuine company then you have indeed found the right place.  James M., Registered Professional Nurse/Usui Reiki Master

I can't say enough how amazing Andrea is. She is a absolute treasure and gifted beyond words! Everyone should try and experience her talents! Pamela Sue

Since January 2013 I have been involved with The Energy Lounge. I look forward to participating in "REIKI Shares" every week because it is chance to meet and help someone who may be new to energy work. Andrea makes all of this possible by encouraging everyone to do their best. Some of us have seen phenomenal results in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing. Andrea Gagas is there for everyone's wellbeing and constantly demonstrates this by teaching and leading by example. Discovering Andrea and her Energy Lounge is like finding an oasis in the desert. David Stone, Consultant

Its the most relaxing, informative, fun time with different things to do. As soon as you open the door you feel like family and if you have things on your mind they somehow go away. Andrea has a great knowledge of the essential oils which help me immensely. I am going to try more things there. Reiki is so relaxing. If you come in with doubts, Andrea will help anyone that needs it questions also. I love this place ,and will never stop going. Love to you Andrea.  Pam V.

Andrea is a true gift from above. She is a talented healer and every experience that I've shared with her has been memorable and unique. She is an inspiration, so much that she inspired me to become a healer as well. I believe in her abilities 100%. She has transformed the energy lounge into a wonderful, relaxing, calming place where love, peace and positive energy abound.  Stacy W.

Andrea has been proven success on my network rating system high 5 stars and if the stars were more on the rating system there would be more. Her work shows for it self and she has proven outstanding results in her work.   Infinite White Light Network,  reiki master/yoga teacher ~ Norman