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The Energy Lounge ~
Reiki Studio, Acessories & More 

Certification Classes/Workshops, Reiki, Postive Life Style, Jewelry, Holistic Tools, Mastermining & Energy Sessions 

We Offer:

Individual Interactive Energy Sessions

30 Minute - $50

45 Minute - $75

60 Minute - $90

90 Minute - $120

Similar to Meditative Energy Sessions (see below), these sessions allow the client to share anything that comes to them to release or "get out" and are guided by conversation.  This practice will help the client acknowledge their inner feelings and life events they are looking to come to peace with.  They also offer an opportunity for a different  understanding as to how the perspective of one's life can influence our surroundings as we see them. 

Distance Sessions:  Same Rates Apply


Sessions may include use of oils, crystals and/or incense

5 - Session, Prepaid Packages available ~ Please call for special pricing



Meditative Energy Sessions

Meditative Energy Sessions are designed to help you feel more balanced and lighter within. They help to clear anything you’d like to “shake off” and create an inner peace for yourself.

The techniques incorporated, such as Reiki, into these sessions allows us to do it “hands free”. The client remains fully clothed while laying on the table (similar to a facial) and shoes are optional. We encourage silence during this session as it's rare we take time to "sit with ourselves". This allows us to hear our inner voice and thoughts in a different manner as the practitioner is guiding the energy in a positive, gentle way. Music is always an option.

The practitioner works with your natural energies to help you clear your mind, body and relax in a peaceful, holistic, natural manner. It’s truly something one needs to experience to see what it brings for them.

Rates for Meditative Energy Sessions are as follows:

30 minute sessions - $50.00
45 minute sessions - $75.00
60 minute sessions - $90.00

*These sessions are also available off-site and remotely. Even if we can't be in the same space, we are able to offer many of our specialties to those unable to be with us in person. Same rates above apply for distance sessions. Gift certificates are also available and can be mailed free of postage.

**Cash or check is greatly appreciated. When needed we are able to accept credit cards on a case by case basis and for distance sessions. Thank you for your consideration to allow us to share these gifts with you or a loved one.

  Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available

*We will travel within a 30 mile radius of Baldwinsville for home, hospital visits and special events 

*Sessions, Classes and Workshops are available for groups  

*You may call or text 315-876-0014 and/or email answers@theenergylounge.com 

"It Starts With You" ~ A 6 month, Personal, Mentoring Program to Living, Creating & Understanding How to Manifest Living Your Best Life !! 

This series of lessons and tools are keys,  guides to what your power and the powers of Universal Law of Attraction can do. It's not the program that will create the miracles in your life, that truly "Starts With You." Most importantly what you invest in the program (aka yourself) is what you'll receive from it ( and more, once you really see). This program is based on the amount of dedication you have for yourself, goals and all you see.  It will help you tap into your strengths, faith and build trust for yourself, as the work isn't always easy. We are now starting our program on an individual basis.  Please visit our *Inspiration & Event page for more in depth description of this program.

Reiki, Usui and Karuna Attunement, Certification and Practice Classes - Divided into two sessions $200 - $400

Certification Classes for Usui & Karuna, Level 1 and/or 2  Reiki Practioners.  Usui and Karuna Master Level Certifications are also offered.

For the first session we will be exploring the history of Reiki, the influences of energy and universal principles, understanding how our bodies are our natural "message centers", various ways our perceptions can effect our health and well being. We will also discuss various techniques that help us work with the energy, how we can take what we learn to help guide us in our present and future lives as well as how it has been reflected in our past. You will receive your attunement that corresponds with the level of study and a certificate of completion.  This session is approximately 5 to 6 hours and you are encouraged to bring a light snack or lunch.  Due to the influence of energy the space tends to feel chilly so bring an extra sweater.  We have tea, water and blankets to share as well. 

For our practice and follow up session, we will schedule an additional time allowing you to connect with the new energies and anything you may feel after your attunement. We will guide you through a session and reflect on your experiences since your attunement.  You are always encouraged to follow your intuition which will help you master your abilities start to finish.  This session is approximately one hour long.

** All levels include - Worksheets, Certificates and access to your teacher after completion of the course for anything that may come up or questions you may have.  


Your Messages From The Cards - Interactive Reading, Minimum 3 Card Spread $50.00 

A time for you to see and hear your messages and what the signs are telling you.  Thoughts you may already have, confirmation on a feeling or event in your life, unsure of a move you'd like to make and if it is for your best.  The cards have a way of helping you see what is in front of you and the messages that support your best and highest good.

You will pull (pick, draw) a minimum of three cards from a deck of your choice.  Whichever ones you're drawn too.  Readings are approx 45 minutes.  Readings can also be done via email, skype and phone

Intuitive & Energy Painting Sessions $25.00 (approx. 1 hr)

Pull a Tarot/Oracle/Angel card, place a crystal and see what you channel.  You can also use your energy and see what comes from within.  Individual sessions, group or painting parties for all ages can be scheduled.