The Energy Lounge
        Healing/Reiki Studio ~Sessions, Classes, Crystals & More 


The Energy Lounge ~
Reiki Studio, Acessories & More 

Certification Classes/Workshops, Reiki, Postive Life Style, Jewelry, Holistic Tools, Mastermining & Energy Sessions 

We Offer:

Individual Relaxation, Meditative, Healing Sessions

30 Minute - $50, Total time 45 minutes

45 Minute - $70, Total time 1 hour

60 Minute - $80, Total time 1.1/4 hours

90 Minute - $110, Total time 1.3/4 hours

Distance Sessions: Please add $10 to the above prices for each session time


Sessions may include use of oils, crystals and/or incense

5 - Session Packages & Couple's Session available ~ Please call for special pricing


  Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available

*We will travel within a 30 mile radius of Baldwinsville for home or hospital visits  

*Sessions, Classes and Workshops are available for groups  

*You may call 315-303-7068, text 315-876-0014 or email 

"It Starts With You" ~ A 6 month, Empowerment Program to Living, Creating & Understanding How to Manifest Living Your Best Life !! 

This series of lessons and tools are keys,  guides to what your power and the powers of Universal Law of Attraction can do. It's not the program that will create the miracles in your life, that truly "Starts With You." Most importantly what you invest in the program (aka yourself) is what you'll receive from it ( and more, once you really see). This program is based on the amount of dedication you have for yourself, goals and all you see.  It will help you tap into your strengths, faith and build trust for yourself, as the work isn't always easy. We are now starting our program on an individual basis and offering a special launching price for the next 4 people.  Please visit our *Inspiration & Event page for more in depth description of this program.

Usui Reiki Certification and Practice Class

Certification Classes for Level 1 & 2 Usui Reiki Practioners and Master Level Certification offered.  We will also schedule an interactive, practice session to help master your abilities start to finish. We encourage you to follow your intuition, trust your instincts and this class helps you, with guidance and support, as we share our experience and lessons. 


     Level 1 -  Includes Manual, Worksheets and Certificate 

     Level 2 -  Includes Manual (for new students), Worksheets and Certificate

     Master Level - Includes Manual, Worksheets and Certificate


Karuna Certification Classes and Practice Class

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2 & Master certifications.  In order to receive your national                     certification, a six month acclimation period prior to Level 1 Karuna after receiving your Usui Master Level

Level 1 - Includes Manual, Worksheets and Certificate

Level 2 - Includes Manual, Worksheets and Certificate

Master Level - Includes Manual, Worksheets and Certificate

                         **Follow up session included with each level

Your Messages From The Cards - Interactive Reading, Minimum 3 Card Spread $50.00 

A time for you to see and hear your messages and what the signs are telling you.  Thoughts you may already have, confirmation on a feeling or event in your life, unsure of a move you'd like to make and if it is for your best.  The cards have a way of helping you see what is in front of you and the messages that support your best and highest good.

You will pull (pick, draw) a minimum of three cards from a deck of your choice.  Whichever ones you're drawn too.  Readings are approx 45 minutes.  Readings can also be done via email, skype and phone

Energy Painting  $25.00 (approx. 1 hr)

Pull a Tarot/Oracle/Angel card, place a crystal and see what you channel.  You can also use your energy and see what comes from within.  Individual sessions, group or painting parties for all ages can be scheduled.

Changing Word Usage, Perspective and Dialog Workshop  $45.00 (1.5 hrs)

Turn your vocabulary into one that supports, promotes, reflects and creates your present and future as you'd like it to be in the most positive way you can.  We provide you with tools to help you build a new outlook, a new feel for how and what words support and lift your energy and those that do not.  You will be taught phrases that you can use to replace old ones and you will learn how to form new habits as you rework your vocabulary and get rid of the old.

Affirmation Workshop  $50.00 (1.5 hr)

Using the most positive words and statements to affirm your intentions and help create your world and life around you. Learn how to customize your affirmations, use one of the most supportive tools available and connect how your feelings make these more powerful.   When we talk, write, think and state things, keeping them supportive, positive and loving helps set the momentum that allows us to start manifesting these traits into our lives, even if they are not present at the time we create them.

I AM healthy

I AM peaceful

I AM loved

I AM supported by the Universe at all times

                                      I AM successful

Building Manifestation Board Workshop  $30.00 (1 hr)

Blueprint your dreams and goals with pictures and statements.  Visual symbols to help         keep you focused on creating your perfect world and self