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My Commitment Ring

How do we show commitment? Some wear a ring to show their commitment to a life partner.  Some wear bracelets, pins, ribbons, you name it, that symbolize the cause or causes close to their hearts-their purpose and their personal passions.  The creation of this ring came from a passion that is mine.  It represents the commitment to oneself, for me, the commitment to myself.


How many times do you look at your hand? When I look at my hand and see My Commitment Ring or find myself touching it, the energy and excitement it creates keeps me moving forward.  A trigger, a constant reminder of the path I'm on, my visions as I am creating each and every moment.  It is meant to help keep me focused on my goals, my perfect life.  Each word, thought and feeling.  Most importantly it brings my thoughts back to my purpose each and every time.   I am grateful and happy to share it with you.

I purposely created My Commitment Ring to be universal, unisex, ageless and modest in both appearance and cost.  The level of commitment it represents is yours to measure alone.  When you wear this ring I hope you are saying, "I love myself.  I will love and treat myself in the same manner, as if I were loving another."  It is a gift given to oneself, symbolizing the love and commitment you have chosen to make. Symbolizing the commitment to oneself.