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Energy Share, Thursday, April 27, 2017

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***We are working from a new location within the Baldwinsville area. When you reach out to reserve your space, more info will be provided. Doors open at 6 pm, share begins around 6:15 ~ For Reiki attuned and those who are not and would like to practice, learn and use their own, natural healing abilities.

Share and Practice

This time is used as an introduction to healing/energy work and also for those who have previous knowledge, can use this time to learn new techniques and master their skills.

You will learn how to begin and end a session, how to cleanse a room and meet and interact with those who are present as we are all teachers and students.

$5 minimum ~ Everyone will have time on the table to receive as well as share.

We are currently Scheduling All Activities***Please Note!! Everything by Appt. 

315-876-0014 text for appt or call 315-303-7068

RE- Minder for week of 4/17/2017

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Just a little reminder of a fun night and different experience for those looking or interested in energy work, reiki or natural healing and relaxation techniques. We are also scheduling appts throughout the week and coming weekend. Days are filling up so reach out and we'll make sure we can secure a time and date for you. Sharing all this beautiful light and love is why we do what we do. Such a blessing and very grateful. Have a special and loving day!


Share Is Thursdays for Spring and Summer Seasons

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Share and Practice

This time is used as an introduction to healing/energy work and also for those who have previous knowledge, can use this time to learn new techniques and master their skills.

Energy Share, Saturday, April 1

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Currently Scheduling All Activities***Please Note!! Everything by Appt. For scheduling energy/reiki sessions, energy painting sessions and fairy, angel and archangel readings for any day, please reach by any of the below.

315-876-0014 text for appt or 315-303-7068

 ***We are working from a new location within the Baldwinsville area. When you reach out to reserve your space, more info will be provided. Doors open at 2 pm, share begins around 2:15/2:30 ~ For Reiki attuned and those who are not and would like to practice, learn and use their own, natural healing abilities.

Share and Practice
This time is used as an introduction to healing/energy work and also for those who have previous knowledge, can use this time to learn new techniques and master their skills.

You will learn how to begin and end a session, how to cleanse a room and meet and interact with those who are present as we are all teachers and students.

$5 minimum ~ Everyone will have time on the table to receive as well as share.

Scheduling Sessions and Classed Daily

Posted on March 24, 2017 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Sessions, sessions, sessions are the thing to do! Releasing, healing, calming, freeing, whatever you need it's here for you.


Realigning your "energy centers" aka Chakras, clearing/cleansing your "energtic self" from anything that doesn't support your best and highest good. Energy work helps break down "walls" allowing you to feel loved and supported, getting to know your body and what signals it is sending you. So many lessons, so many blessings, so many gifts to share.


Reach out using whatever form is best for you, email, phone, text and we are here for you. All of our classes and workshops are constructed that we can do individual sessions or in groups. Looking foward to hearing from you!


Have an exceptional day!!!!


Level 2 Certification Class and Understanding Energy Bonus Class

Posted on March 15, 2017 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Reiki is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on, no-touch, and visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means "universal life energy" in Japanese, and Reiki practitioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Reiki touch therapy is used in much the same way to achieve similar effects that traditional massage therapy is used—to relieve stress and pain, and to improve the symptoms of various health conditions.


Reiki claims to provide many of the same benefits as traditional massage therapy, such as reducing stress, stimulating the immune system, increasing energy, and relieving the pain and symptoms of health conditions. Practitioners have reported success in helping patients with acute and chronic illnesses, from asthma and arthritis to trauma and recovery from surgery.

Reiki is a gentle and safe technique, and has been used successfully in some hospitals. It has been found to be very calming and reassuring for those suffering from severe or fatal conditions. Reiki can been used by doctors, nurses, psychologists and other health professionals to bring touch and deeper caring into their healing practices (

Get ready to add some more tools to your spiritual toolbox. Level 2 offers you your first set of symbols and allows you to take your healing abilities to a new place.  You can become a Reiki Practitioner and help others while helping yourself or you can take this class for your own personal goals.

This class will includes handouts, worksheets a manual that covers Level 1 and Level 2 and an additional practice class at a later date.  Also included is a more open concept of energy work, other practices, what energy means to us and some tools to help you on your path in addition to the certification training.

For more information or to save your space, please call 638-5448, text 876-0014 or email [email protected]

Sending light, love, blessings and gratitude always

*Level 1 Usui Reiki Certification required to participate in this class

Do these seem familiar to you??

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I have been "hearing", "being told" to share the definitions of the following as it's positive during this time where our energies are clearing out, growing, evolving and we are stepping even more into our "authentic self", releasing and healing and noticing our gifts and abilities heightening. Some of/all these definitions may resonate with you. Ask yourself if these describe you, the feelings or "knowing" you may have or answer the questions you find being asked by yourself? These are some keys to possibly help you understanding yourself just a little better.


Which one (s) stand out to you? Which one (s) would you like to learn how to mesh with yourself better so you can use your abilities in a more peaceful and natural way? Which one (s) bring a "tear" or "chill" in "acknowledgment" as though you (your feelings) have been validated? Did you have an "aha moment?"


We are here to help you intergrate your gifts with yourself while you learn how to use them for your best and highest good and those of all others. Learning who you are and looking at things from a different perspective allows you to step into your most authenitic self. Honoring all that you come with, even the pieces you aren't sure about, allows blessings and gifts you can't imagine into your life.


!!! Empath/Sensitive: the ability to feel or sense what others are feeling and take on that emotion in your own body.


There are two basic types of empaths: emotional and cognitive.

- An emotional empath physically feels the emotion and energy of other people, which allows a greater understanding of the emotions of others, even when the other people are not aware of their particular emotions.

- A cognitive empath has a desire to understand a person by imaginably putting themselves into the other person’s shoes.


There are subtypes of each of these empaths.

- A manifestive empath can create their own reality and infuse the reality of others.

- An intuitive empath can sense and feel the feelings of others. A healing empath can absorb the energy of others to facilitate healing.

- A spiritual empath can sense how in tune other are with their god.

- A precognitive empath can predict various outcomes.

- A telepathic empath can recognize thoughts as well as feelings.

- A judgment empath can distinguish truth and lies.

- A seer empath will be able to understand not just the cause of emotions, but where they manifest.

***There are rarer forms of empaths as well: a molecular empath that blends auras, an animal empath that communicates with animals, a shaman empath that communes with nature, and a universal empath that possesses all the traits.


!!! Clairvoyance (meaning "clear-seeing") denotes a form of extra-sensory perception in which knowledge about a contemporary object, situation, or event is acquired by paranormal means.


Clairvoyance is often divided into three main categories: Precognition, retrocognition, and spontaneous clairvoyance.


- Precognition refers to the ability to view events before they happen

- Post/retro-cognition refers to clairvoyance of past events.

- Spontaneous clairvoyance refers to the ability to see an event while it occurs, no matter how far away it may be.


*** Within these categories, additional terms are often employed, like "clairaudience" and "clairsentience."


!!! Clairaudience: The power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, as the voices of the dead.


!!! Clairsentient: the ability to sense what others are feeling, take that emotion in your own body, and receive instinctual information about the event or situation.


!!! Claircognizance or “clear knowing” is when you know something without reading or being told about it. This is the metaphysical/psychic sense that allows you to know something is real or will be, though you have no way to back up this knowledge. You may be unable to figure out why or how you came into that information.


Other terms, such as "clairalience" (psychic knowledge obtained through the sense of smell), and "clairgustance" (knowledge obtained through the sense of taste) are less commonly used.


So much to learn, so much that "makes sense" when we look "outside" the box, if we leave being "normal" behind and start embracing our "natural" state of being. When we start to "trust" ourselves over anything or anyone else, even if they and we "think" they "know" better than we do, that's just our and their "egos" speaking. Start being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, body "pings" (aches).

Do you "think" you "heard" something?

Do you "catch" sparkels or "lights" out of the corner of your eye?

Do "smells" s or omething so foreign yet so familiar seem to come from "nowhere"?

Do you "feel" hair or tingles or "static" brushing your face, arm, leg only to come up "empty handed" when you "wipe it away"?

Do you find yourself "knowing" what someone is going to say? What they are going to "do" or "react" to a situation?

Do you know that someone isn't being honest even when they look right in your face?

Do you "know" people aren't the best they pretend to be? Or know when you are with the best people?

Do you "feel" things that others can't feel or don't "seem" to notice?


If you are unsure, yet know some (a lot) of the above is reflective of your experiences, we are offering a class/workshop about understanding energy. It is a elementary level class so we can build our foundation and understanding in this arena as we grow and learn and mesh with our ever evolving and growing abilities and gifts. Not all our lessons are easy and when we allow ourselves to learn, embrace, love and show gratitude for what we've been blessed with, what we come with, our life makes sense, with time we find and create a balance and we can navigate a little better.


Please reach out at anytime and we are always here for you. Sending love, light, blessings and gratitude always!


315-303-7068 message phone

315-876-0014 text

[email protected]

**Information is collective from a variety of sources and teachings


Sessions whereever you are!

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Near, far, across the room, across the country, even the other side of the world, we can connect with you! If you are looking for a way to help heal yourself, whether it be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, anything that brings peace and harmony to yourself, your soul, we have tools to introduce you to.


If you are familiar with Energy Work, Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Light Workers, Reiki, "hands on" healing (even though it's not all "hands on") then you will know this is what we are offering. If these terms are new to you, I ask you to reach out, research, ask. Reach out to us, those you are drawn to that can help you tap into the realm of energy work, help you understand what it can do, how it can possibly help and support you in many aspects of your life. Tap into your intuitive self and see what messages your body, your "universe" is sharing with you.


Over the past 8+ years I emersed myself into this world, changing myself, how I viewed the things around me, the people in my life, habits, thought processes and those I met. How things in my past, that I once felt hindered me from being my best, actually were the things that by overcoming and healing from them, ended up being some of the best platforms I could raise and catapult myself from. It was (is) so powerful and impactful, I knew in my heart I had to do something, create something to help put it out there for others to see, a door they could walk through so they could learn, grow, heal.


A place one can come to that is safe, full of love, acceptance and understanding. Whether a young child or one of our lovely elders to everyone in between, it's individual and personal for each of us. It works with every living thing too. Everything is affiliated with energy. Not everything resonates with everyone though, so you decide if it's best for you, and we will always wish love and happiness for all!


We learn, help you learn how to tap into your power, strength. No matter what "test" comes before us, we take our life lessons, pull up our boot straps, dry our tears and move forward with a new found strength, understanding, gratitude and love in our hearts. And most definitely with some things shed and released our path becomes a little lighter to travel and we can see a bit more clearly as we move to our next lesson, the next place in our path, that will help us even more!


After creating the physical aspect of the studio and living, growing and developing it these past four years, this summer was to be another milestone/goal and platform I planned to raise the studio from. One of my biggest lessons came and as we all know things happen for many reasons and the core piece, that I saw us launching from, never came to be. Months later, heading into spring, lots of changes already behind us, here we are!! Full circle, creating a new space, new light, new heart and new vision, always reminding myself how blessed and grateful I am, knowing we are still here.


Distance, one on one, on site sessions help with what is needed. Physically it can help with medical manifestations. It is used in hospitals across the country, in other parts of our world and in various religions however referred to in their own, unique ways. This art of "new age" healing isn't actually new, it's been around since the beginning of time, however not really remembered or practiced since the onset of modern medicine and fear of the unknown. We navigated away from our natural instincts and started living by the rules of expectation and tradtition.


This/these practices can take you back to your core self, your center, your balanced state so you can relearn how to be your best you. These practices can help remove and peel back the layers to help you release the thought patterns that limit you to a certain belief system and way you "have" to live your life. It's not true! You can be whomever you want, free from judgement of others, no matter what role they hold in your life. It's meant to do what is best for you, what you ask of it to do, what comes from your heart and soul and mind especially when it's pure in all aspects.


Be your best you, trust in youself, don't let others define your life, your world or your worth and know you have the ability to do whatever you want, whereever you choose. Energy can travel forever, over vast areas, carrying healing, powerful, loving gifts. How can you bring the love and blessings to yourself? We are here to help facilitate this for you! Distance and On site sessions and classes both offer special results just for you.


To schedule your sessions please reach out by calling, text or email. PM us here is welcome too and anyway you can send a signal is wonderful! We are always happy to open our arms and doors for you! Ask about our special packages and new sessions and classes. Thank you for your time!


Happy March 14th!!! It's a beautiful new day!! Light, love, gratitude and blessings always!!

[email protected]

315-876-0014 text message

315-303-7068 phone message



Week of March 13th at The Energy Lounge

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Sessions ~ sessions ~ sessions ~ So excited to continue to share distance and on site sessions are being scheduled daily.


We are grateful to be diving deeper into our abilities to help heal outside of and bigger than our quaint Baldwinsville village. We can work with anyone from onsite to across the globe, as we're all connected and energy is an incredible force. Please reach out to set your appt or if you have questions about how this works.


Honoring our passion to reach out and help those as far as we can, We are here to offer support and a system that lifts each person up and cheers them on. We are here to help reinforce their greatness within so they can grow, build confidence and faith within their own self.


Teaching and sharing healing practices that result in relaxation, health symptoms clearing up, grounding, healing past hurts, clearing negative energies, anything you need, even self love snd worth, it's here for you. It's a blessing for us too. We are a conduit, as we continue to learn and teach how to receive and share these miraculous gifts.


** Being offered ~ Level Two Practitioner, Usui Reiki Certification class this Friday, March 24th at 10am. This is an all day class, including additional time focusing on the Laws of Attraction and other tools that support our growth. RSVP is a must by calling 315-303-7068.


Saturday, March 18th we will have Energy/Reiki Share. Doors open at 2 pm - 4 pm ish or when everyone has had time to receive as well as share. Please RSVP to save your space and for location of venue.


Usui Master certification class is being held Sunday, April 16th at 9 am (Happy Easter to those celebrating) This will be an all day class with hour for lunch. RSVP a must by calling 315-303-7068 or text 315-876-0014. We will be spending extra time incorporating many tools to help with your advanced level of healing energies snd gifts.


Level One Attuned Usui Reiki certification class will be offered ~  Sunday, April 9th at 10 am.


For any further questions or if you feel like reaching out, our contact information is below:


315-303-7068 phone

315-876-0014 text

[email protected]

Or use the message/call button on our page.


Have a blessed, beautiful, wonderful March day!!